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Open Style Photobooths with instant prints. Servicing the Sydney area.

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Our Services

We service private events all over Sydney. We specialise in parties that want some entertainment in a neat and attractive package. Our booth can go up stairs, doesn't look like a big box in the corner and has a bright flash for stunning images. We are a premium photobooth supplier for special events to make the most of guest experience, flattering photos and instant prints.

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Our PhotoBooth

Our photobooth is an open style photobooth with a free-standing kiosk and offset backdrop. There are no restrictive curtains and the booth is operated simply by guests using the in-built touchscreen. The booth always takes 3 photos and prints 2 copies of the strip. There is never a limit on the number of sessions and every print is finished in about 15 seconds. The guests also get to pick colour or B&W for each session and email themselves the photo instantly so they can share or store straight away.


Our Backdrops

We carefully chose our backdrops and had them custom printed to be only ours. The patterns are captivating, the graphics are lifelike and the output from our camera is absolutely stunning. Every booking gets their choice of backdrop and these are hired as a 2.4m square with weight bags to prevent trip hazards and accidental knock-over. The backdrops for our photobooths are printed on high tension fabric so your shots will look the same the whole night and exactly how you like. There is an option for every theme because we always want you to have an amazing party!

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Our Print Templates

It's your event and we think your prints should match the theme. We have simple print templates for the minimalists among us, bold borders for the adventurous and some themed graphics for the right events. Every booking includes a custom print template from our selection and with your text or logo at the bottom. Look through our selection and let us know which is your favourite so we can get started on the party planning. If you have an event graphic or company logo already then we can very easily add that too, just send us your file and we're good to go.


Our Packages

We like things to be inclusive, for you not to spend thousands for what should be just a nice addition to a party and ultimately for our service quality to well and truly match our pricing. We offer premium quality service on every day from the moment of your first contact til you've received your photos and leave a ravingly positive review for how much our photobooths provided for your party. We are the sweet juicy peach compared to a dry sour orange you might get elsewhere. Hire us for the booth experience you have always wanted.

Party Package
$650 for 2 hours
$700 for 3 hours
$750 for 4 hours
$800 for 5 hours
$850 for 6 hours
  • Kiosk Style Open Photo Booth

  • Unlimited sessions for the hire time

  • One Custom Print Template of our selection or your own text, logo or graphic on the strip

  • Instant emailing option for guests to download photos

  • Digital copies of every photo and every strip provided by online download link

  • Props-On-Sticks

  • One Tension Fabric Backdrop of our selection of 14 or your venue wall or your own backdrop

  • Delivery, Setup and Packdown within 50km of Summer Hill, Sydney ($50 fee for CBD or Cruise)

Celebration Package
$700 for 2 hours
$800 for 3 hours
$900 for 4 hours
$1000 for 5 hours
$1100 for 6 hours
  • Kiosk Style Open Photo Booth

  • Unlimited sessions for the hire time

  • One Custom Print Template of our selection or your own text, logo or graphic on the strip

  • Instant emailing option for guests to download photos

  • Digital copies of every photo and every strip provided by online download link

  • Props-On-Sticks

  • One Tension Fabric Backdrop of our selection of 14 or your venue wall or your own backdrop

  • Delivery, Setup and Packdown within 50km of Summer Hill, Sydney ($50 fee for CBD or Cruise)


  • Friendly attendant to help with guests

  • Scrapbook style guest album with double sided tape and metallic pens

  • Box of dress-ups


Our TestImonials

Paula La Rocca

The entire process from booking through to service completion was first rate and seamless. The team member we had attend our booth on the night of the event was jovial to match the vibe of our team members. The props were fun and plentiful! Will use again, highly recommended.




  • How does your Open PhotoBooth Work?
    Our photobooth has no restrictive walls so you can get in as many people as you like. The kiosk has a touch screen for automated photo taking with a live-preview so guest can line themselves up in the frame. The session always take 3 photos and then prints two copies straight away. Guests pick colour or B&W on the screen and there are instructions displayed for everything.
  • Do you use a studio flash?
    We absolutely do use a stuido flash to overpower all of the unflattering ambient downlight of venues and leave you looking incredible. The flash is only triggered by the camera in the photobooth and is built into the kiosk so there are no messy tripods like lots of other companies use. We also have a reflective umbrella modifier to reduce harsh shadows, expand the light source and ultimately produce high fidelity images.
  • Do you use a DSLR camera in the booth?
    Yes we use a DSLR camera in the photobooth so that the images are sharper, better in focus and files are clean. Our cameras produce beautiful photos and you'll receive all of the image files on their own, not just the strips. Our cameras are all set to auto-focus so it doesn't matter whether you're near or far, the camera adjusts and gives you the most flattering focus possible.
  • Do I always get two copies of the prints?
    Our booth will always print two copies of the session which sometimes is two copies for guests and sometimes is one for the host (e.g. birthday person or wedding couple) and the other for the guest. You and your guests will also receive the digital copy of the strips so you cn share, store or reprint later on if you like.
  • How many people fit in the booth?
    Our booth has a backdrop but no sidewalls so you can try fit in as many people as possible. About 19 people fit in the standard camera angle, subject to space available at the venue, intoxication and claustrophobia. We often zoom the camera in more to get closer to 10 people comfortably, but be rest assured the whole gang is probably going to fit.
  • Do you do unprintable media like videos and GIFs?
    We love prints and think for private events the best thing for every guest is a print in hand. GIF and video capture don't help with prints and the individual frames are often of a low quality so we stick to what we know everyone loves, high quality prints with stunning images.
  • How long should I book the photobooth for?
    Our minimum hire time is 2 hours to allow for short events. Generally we recommend hiring for the duration of the active part of the event. For birthdays that might be 4 hours (after an initial quiet/arrival hour) and for wedding receptions it would normally be 5 hours. When there are lots of guests its important to add on more time to make sure everyone gets enough sessions.
  • Do I need to upgrade to the Celebration Package?
    We wouldn't offer two packages if we didn't think they served different purposes. The benefits of the upgraded package can be reaped by all events with hosts gaining a friendly attendant for peace of mind, crowd control and to make sure every height guest or size of group can have the optimum adjustments made. The scrapbook album gives birthdays, weddings and personal events a book of memories with guest messages and musings. The extra props mean more fun to try all the bits and pieces out, something to entertain and fill the party photobooth with exciting colour.
  • I found a cheaper price elsewhere, do you price match?"
    With us everything is taken care of, we're experts at photographic entertainment and we supply more than 400 events per year with our services. If you want our services then you're already ahead of the game because you've found the photobooth business which annually supplies companies like Amazon, Toyota, Lendlease and Gelato Messina. We don't believe you can find better start-to-finish service for a lower price, but feel free to gamble your time, money and event success on a cheaper alternative.
  • How many photos can we take?
    You can take as many photos as you like during the hire time. We don't limit how many sessions each person or the whole event can take so guests can just keep lining up as much as they like.
  • Do we get the digital copies?
    On the night the booth has built in sharing to emails so the photos can be attached in full resolution and the strips in print resolution. The guests can then decide on their own social or private sharing from there. The gallery is also uploaded to our web host so you can download all the images as bulk link or pick and select individually which ones you want. All downloads are unlimited and free with every package.
  • Do you have public liability insurance?
    Yes we do. Our insurance certificate of currency includes coverage for $10,000,000 in accordance with most venue requirements. The coverage includes all of Australia so we can operate in reception venues, offices, residences, on boats and in public areas. Our insurer is AIG and our policy number in 9633117CMB.
  • How do I pick my backdrop?
    Our booking form has all the options. Just click which one you want. You'll have til about two weeks prior to the event to change your mind and you can do so by going back to the booking form.
  • How do I select and edit the print template?
    Our booking form has all the options. Just click which one you want. You can provide the text by going back to the booking form or email us your logo to us for a custom border.
  • Can I provide my own props and/or backdrop?
    Yes you can. Some party hosts have themed options they would prefer to use and we'd love to help you get the most for your event. Just let us know so we can advise on how to get the best froms from the items.
  • Are you available on my date?
    We probably are unless its the first two weeks of December when christmas parties stretch us to 4 times normal capacity and we book out months in advance. Otherwise we have loads of booths ready to head out anytime.
  • What requirements do you have from the venue?
    Your venue is likely one we have worked in before unless it is your company office or home. We'll require access to the space 90 minutes prior to hire start time, a small signing table if you select the Celebration Package, a powerpoint within 7m of the booth location, 2.5m height and width for the backdrop and a meal for our attendant if you select the celebration package for 4 hours or more.
  • My venue has a lift, stairs or tricky requirement, can your booth be moved?"
    Our booth is built on-site and broken down for transport. It can go up a flight of stairs or two (more if you can give us a quick hand) and is only 50cm wide when transported. Because of the electronics and imaging equipment our booths can only be moved by us.
  • What time will you arrive?
    We will arrive 90 minutes prior to the hire start time. For party packages we will return at the end of the hire time. These times can be altered upon request.
  • My venue is in this suburb, is there a travel fee?"
    Your package includes all suburbs within 50km of Summer Hill which is where we're based. We do charge a $50 fee for Sydney CBD and boat cruises to account for wait times, parking and logistics.
  • When are the deposit and balance due?
    The deposit is $100 and is due on date you fill in the booking form. The balance is due 14 days prior to the event. For events booked within 14 days of the event, the balance is due to secure the event.
  • How can I pay?
    We permit payment using Credit Card, Paypal and bank transfer. The price is the same for all three methods.

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